Strategies to Personalize Your Hiring

Organizations today are perceiving candidates from a holistic approach. They need brilliant minds that can proactively build their company. Getting to know candidates who fit this bill becomes a cinch when companies personalize the recruitment process. On the other hand, Learn more

Quiet Quitting is Not New

The notion of gradually cutting back on overwork has gained popularity. Although this “quiet quitting” has actually been occurring for years, its recent rise in popularity speaks a lot about the state of work today. In a July 2022 video Learn more

Delivering an Engaging Online Learning

As an educator, you know firsthand the incredible challenges you’ve had to manage since the onset of the pandemic. You’ve had to quickly pivot to remote learning and develop an entirely new set of skills almost overnight. And while everyone Learn more

Understanding Effective E-Learning

One mistake many e-learning experts make is that they talk about “e-learning” as if it’s a single thing and always focused on performance improvement. They talk about engagement and interactivity and measurable objectives. Those are all good things and super important Learn more